Our manufacturing process takes from the well-established to the cutting edge in personal and equipment. We use the latest in equipment to get the products started in our manufacturing process. But old fashion methods are not ignored. Our seasoned craftsmen use the by hand methods in our finishing to produce what can only be described as "hand crafted" excellence

Top Quality Materials

Crown Cabinets only uses the best in Northern Woods in its manufacturing processes. 

Northing woods containing less mud in the life cycle produce a superior grain inclusion after it has been tooled to a usable board. Its this quality that is enhanced in our finishes to give an incredibly beautiful and smooth finished product.

Company Profile

How we do it

Quality Control

Each phase of our manufacturing process has quality control steps to be followed. This ensures the very best in quality when it reaches our customers. 

Crown Cabinets


Founded: 1995

Owner:  Ryan Johnson


Areas of expertise: Custom Cabinets, Furniture and Cabinet Refacing materials Manufacturing.